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Earn Money Online

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Internet Research Jobs

Working From Home As An Online Research Analyst

Working from home and becoming independent as an online research analyst is one of the most popular ways to earn for some people. If you have an aptitude for research, being an at-home, internet analyst may well be the perfect business venture for you. Likewise, this profession is one of the fastest enterprises to set up.

So how do you start?  Here is some advice from web analysts.

Things Most People Should Know

To become effective as a web research worker, you'll need to learn how to navigate the web both rapidly and thoroughly. Online researchers must recognize different ways to get online access, and they must possess a strong knowledge of internet search engines and internet analysis tools. In this profession, folks need to find large volumes of information and distinct facts about a business sector or a research category.

For instance, numerous advertising executives employ online research workers to assist them in collecting information about their target audience for statistical studies. If you comprehend market research, demographics and key phrase analysis, then you will be a worthwhile asset for this niche market.

Find Room to Create Your Work Space

All freelance, online analysts need a home base. Ultimately, you'll require a computer system with an excellent Internet connection. Additionally, you'll need to determine an approach to record your work hours; a method to invoice your clients; a way to pay your tax obligations; and a solution to store your data.

Since the online analysis produces large amounts of data and hard-disk space, it's recommended to own some form of data backup; most people can acquire an external hard-disk or make use of web-based storage services.

Produce a Website or Blog

Given that you're going to be browsing the Internet, it's crucial to validate your company on the web by flaunting your achievements. Furthermore, several of your customers can locate you without a problem when you own a web page or blog site. Internet sites can be designed rather quickly, and they cost almost nothing.

You'll also need to develop a website brand-name, which will embody your company and will guide folks to locate you online. Similarly, you'll want to find a web host.

Think of Ways to Promote Your Business

First, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Exactly, what kind of online analyst are you?
  2. Do you do market surveys, data research or both of these?
  3. Do you bill hourly or at a fixed rate?
  4. How much money will you ask for?
  5. Do you specialize in a particular business sector or in a specific niche area? If so, just what is it?
  6. Why should folks hire you? What makes you a one-of-a-kind analyst, and what advantages do you deliver to companies?

Suggestions on Ways to Advertise Your Internet Research Company

Blog-post promotions

  • Internet marketing
  • News releases
  • SEO
  • Leaflets, handouts and newspaper ads
  • Cross-advertise with complementary businesses 


A Handful of Other Factors to Consider

You'll need to make several choices about separating your professional life from personal/home life:

Pretend that you need to travel back and forth to work: Wake up at a routine hour, and carry out a day-to-day schedule. Take a shower, get dressed, have a cuppa and head to your home office.

Create business hours: Having fixed operating hours enables you and your loved ones to recognize when time is needed to do the job. Naturally, there are breaks for doing household duties, but there must exist hours for work only¬–make personal and professional-hours part of your daily routine.

Divide living space: When operating from home, it’s essential to have a work space that’s devoted to your enterprise. This does not include the dining table! Dedicate space for a work desk, or perhaps divide off a corner of a room to do business in only, away from the family's main space.

Get out of the house: If you're doing the job full-time from a home base, it’s vital to leave the residence, at least once per day. It can be stressful to work from home for extended periods of time; grant yourself an inventive breather, and travel to a head-clearing location for an hour!

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Online Tutoring Jobs

Can I Be An Online Tutor?

Many people put their skills and knowledge to profitable use in the “real” world by finding tutoring work in the subjects they excel at. 

But, this sort of flexible work doesn’t necessarily always have to be out there in the physical world with a tutor and their tutee (or tutees) being in the same room. There are plenty of opportunities for people to do tutoring work online and earn money working from home (or anywhere else they find convenient). 

Tutoring work generally is great work anyway, but imagine being able to pick up some money from the comfort of your own living room while, at the same time, helping others learn from you. You are your own boss, you can pick the hours to suit you and you don’t need to fork out for travel expenses. 

But what sort of online tutor jobs are available, and where do you find the work opportunities?


What Sort Of Online Tutoring Roles Are Available?
You can tutor online in almost any subject. With the locational restrictions removed, you have also expanded the range of people that you can teach. Instead of tutoring students in your local town or city, you could be teaching someone on the other side of the planet. That really increases your chance of finding suitable tutoring work. 

Online English tutor jobs are an obvious choice if English is your native language. With people all over the world wanting to learn English from scratch, or improve it for business purposes, you are in a great position to help them out over the internet by tutoring online. 

Likewise, if you are adept in another language that people are keen to learn, then you could earn decent money tutoring them in it online.
Online tutoring jobs

Maths is another discipline that lends itself well to online tutoring, so you could be able to find some remote work teaching the magic of numbers to students who are cramming for exams or individuals who just want to brush up on their maths skills. 

Other subjects where you might be able to find online tutor jobs include music, accounting, science, law and art or design. 

Basically, wherever there is a demand for education in any subject where knowledge can be transferred easily over the internet, you should be able to find opportunities for online tutoring jobs from home. 

For a few ideas of companies that might be able to help you find tutoring work over the internet, check out some of the resources at the bottom of the page.


What Methods Are Used For Online Tutoring?
A range of methods can be used to transfer knowledge over the internet and make online tutoring jobs from home a possibility. 

These methods are changing over time and will continue to evolve and improve, but the main ways of communication for online tutoring include:
  1. Instant Messaging
  2. Email Correspondence
  3. Voice Chat
  4. Video Chat - such as Skype or Google Plus Hangouts
  5. Pre-recorded Videos
  6. Webinars
  7. Online Tutoring “Rooms” and virtual whiteboards

Because of the technical side of online tutoring, you will definitely need a good PC or laptop and a stable, fast broadband connection. For some online tutoring jobs you might also require a headset with a microphone and/or a webcam.


How Old Do I Have To Be To Do Online Tutoring?

One of the best things about online tutoring work is that you can start young. If you have the knowledge, and someone wants to learn from you remotely, then age is largely irrelevant. 

With the legal age for part time work in the UK starting at 13, (depending on the by-laws of your local authority), even the kids could easily earn some money doing online tutoring work while they are still at school.


What Skills Or Qualifications Do I Need To Be An Online Tutor?

Okay, so you might be able to do online tutoring while you are still a student at school, but obviously, the more qualifications you have as you progress through your education, the more marketable you become for this sort of work. 

People who have proved their proficiency with GSCEs, A Levels, Degrees and other relevant qualifications have a stronger chance of finding online tutoring work opportunities and can command more money for their services. 

If you are hoping to find work from an online tutoring company, all reputable companies in the UK will also require you to pass a DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check if you are going to be tutoring children rather than adults.


Happy New Adventure
Will Online Tutoring Add Any Future Career Skills To My Armoury?

Of course it will. 

You display all of the same skills as you would do in the more traditional offline tutoring jobs. You show that you not only have knowledge in specialist areas, but also that you can impart that knowledge well to other people. Employers love that sort of characteristic in potential employees. 

In addition, with an online tutoring job, you also display the fact that you are internet savvy and can teach people remotely. In an increasingly global world which will rely more and more on skills and knowledge being transferred at distance, the skills you have shown through distance learning tutor jobs will be in high demand in the workplace.


What Sort Of Money Do Online Tutors Earn?

This is a tricky one... 

It depends so much on how you find the work, who you are working for, which country you are effectively tutoring in, your qualifications and the subject you are teaching. 

The pay scale varies dramatically and can’t even be compared to a standard measure of offline tutoring jobs. At a bare minimum you should expect around £6 per hour, but for subjects which are in high demand in countries with lots of disposable income, you could find an online tutoring job that pays in excess of £50 an hour. 

If you work for an online tutoring company then they will either pay you a direct wage themselves, or you can set your own fees and they will take a cut of your private tuition fees.


Where Can I Find Online Tutoring Jobs?
You might be able to find an online tutoring job without the help of a specialist agency. If you spend a lot of time on social media or dedicated forums then you might be able to spot some opportunities yourself. 

That said, there are lots of companies which offer online tutoring work, meaning that you don’t have to go surfing for your own tuition opportunities. 

Some companies are complete specialists in the tutoring sector, while others list online tutoring work alongside other freelance jobs that you can do from home. 

Just a few specialist online tutoring companies that students could find work with include:
  • MathElf - Offers online maths tutoring to children from across the world. Earn $20 per hour and get paid weekly for the online tutoring work you do
  • Educastream - A French firm which offers online tutoring in English, Maths and other disciplines to children, schools, businesses and professionals
  • Tutorhub - Online tutoring in a broad range of subjects since 2007
  • Superprof - tutoring network where you can connect with students to tutor online
  • Tute - Provides offline and online tutoring via a social education platform
  • 121eLesson - Chinese company providing online tutoring in all subjects
  • Purelearn - Online private tuition with internet classrooms
  • Fleet Tutors - Has provided offline tutoring for more than 30 years and more recently moved into online tutoring
  • The Tutor Crowd - Teach One-to-one lessons over the internet if you are a UK graduate
Some of these companies have current online tutoring positions available, so if you think tutoring work is for you, click through to the company profiles above, or check out the online tutor vacancies below.
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Make Money From Blogging

How To Make Your Blog a Moneyspinner

Most of us have dreamed of the lavish lifestyle of a blogger; being able to work from a sun lounger, sipping a cocktail and sending out blogs yet raking in a fortune at the same time. That’s what dreams are made of, right? But this isn’t just a dream – it can be a reality.

Natasha Courtenay-Smith, author of The Million Dollar Blog and a guest panel of experts gave their tips at a recent affiliate marketing event.  Here is their step-by-step guide on how to start the journey to being a million dollar blogger.

  1. Publish, publish, publish!

As we all know, it’s getting started that is the hardest part. Stop procrastinating and start getting your content out there! There are endless reasons (excuses) as to why you can’t begin; such as not quite knowing your design, layout or website features quite yet. But the fact is that none of this really matters in the beginning. The truth is that your blog’s readership will be non-existent and  these elements will be developed over time as you find your definitive voice.

You don’t need to be on par with William Wordsworth when it comes to your writing skills in order to be a successful blogger; you just need to be consistent in your approach. Writing is a habit. Write it, check it, then hit publish and get started on the next blog.

  1. Building your blog’s recognition

Now you have some content, it’s time to start building up your blogs recognition. This could be gaining the recognition of brands, popular bloggers, influencers and the like – but it’s important to consider how you are going to make your blog stand out. Many blogs online stand out and resonate with brands and audiences due to a variety of factors, including how long the blog has been around, its style, photography, content, industry and so on. So, for a new starter, working out your differentiator up front can be difficult.

However, recognition is built over time; so try to refine your content, style and blog design as you go and tailor it to your audience. It is important to continually write reflect, learn and evolve over time just like any business.

  1. Driving more traffic to your website and improving engagement

Of course high-quality content is going to drive traffic but there are other ways to get more visitors. It’s not always about volume but about the consistency of your posting activity.

Don’t discount the power of word of mouth. Start talking about what you do to friends, family, colleagues and other bloggers, and you can start to build organic traffic to your blog.

Using affiliate marketing to generate profits for your blog

Now for the fun part – how can you start monetising your blog through affiliate marketing?

  1. Using affiliate links

Join an affiliate network or a few and start getting connected to brands who understand the appeal of bloggers to their customers. It’s as simple as including links to relevant content, services and products in your posts or on your website. It’s essential that you include the right affiliate products – and by this we mean the kind of things your blog’s audience would be interested in. One successful affiliate campaign will lead to more, as brands recommend your blog.

  1. High-quality content is key in attracting brands

The modern customer understands that while brands will always champion themselves, bloggers can provide an objective view into those brands, enabling readers to make a more informed choice.

Blog communities therefore, while typically small, are great platforms for brands to get in and start to win over audiences. If brands can work together with bloggers who produce relevant, high-quality content and incorporate affiliate links in that content, brands can start to attract more and more people to their website – it is a win win for both publishers and brands alike.

Remember, keep your affiliate links relevant to the content you are producing and the community you write for – and your blog will be a successful revenue stream in no time!

Check out my article on Affiliate Marketing to find some of the best affiliate networks to work with.

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Affiliate Marketing

Read more: Affiliate Marketing

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Online User Testing Jobs

Make Money Online Testing Websites


There are loads of website and app owners who need users to test out their sites for usability and bugs. They don't want their visitors to be confused when confronted with their website because they know that's one of the main reasons why people hit the back button and look for a more conducive site. 

Okay, many companies use in-house staff to carry out such tasks as these, but there really is no proper substitute for getting people who are not already familiar with a particular website, software, product or app to road test them before they get released to the typical target end user. 

And, even when sites have been up and running for a long, long time, their owners and webmasters are constantly seeking to tweak their sites, interfaces and apps to make sure that they are useful, intuitive, bug-free - and usually, most importantly, they want to maximise them for profitability. 

And that's where you come in!

Lots of companies are willing to pay decent money to make sure their websites and apps are suitable and usable by the average user, and students and young people are in a great position to help them out. 

Intellizoom are currently looking to add to their panel of testers 

Intellizoom have a panel of user testers and to maintain the integrity and diversity of the panel are currently looking for people of ALL ages who want to earn some extra money and test websites. The work is incredibly flexible and pays well - so please click to join now!

What Do You Need To Be An Online User Tester?

You don't need a great deal to set yourself up as an online user tester. One of the best parts about this line of work is that you can do it from the comfort of your own home. 

In fact, you could even do it from the side of a swimming pool or with your feet up on sun lounger at a beach resort provided that you have a good broadband internet connection and a microphone for your PC, Mac or laptop! 

That makes user testing a superb work from home job ideal for students.
User Conversion
What Does User Testing Work Involve?

Usually, a company will carry out the test by using an online screen recorder. They will set you a number of tasks to carry out on their website and you describe what you are thinking and how you are finding the experience as you go along. 

Are the navigation menus as you would expect? Is it difficult to find your way around? Is there anything that would make you wary about clicking on a particular link? 

The recording systems will record your voice, your computer screen, your mouse actions and clicks etc, as you work through the tasks the company has given you. When the company watches back the recording from the panels of user testers, it helps them to look over the shoulders of users and see how they view their sites.


How Do I Find The People Who Need Online User Testers?

The good news is that YOU don't have to! 

There a number of companies which specialise in finding website owners, companies, programmers and developers who need online user testers and they match them up with people who are willing to be paid to run the tests. 

We have worked with companies including UserTesting.comTestingTimeUser Conversion and intellizoom - but there are a few more user testing websites that offer similar services such as FiveSecondTest and YouEye.com. 

Google have their own user testing panel which they use for user experience research studies on their own products. You could help Google refine new prototypes by participating in studies at their London Victoria office or online. Find out more here

If you run a few online searches then you could come up with a whole host of online user testing agencies to apply to.

How Much Do Online User Testers Get Paid?

Most online user testers get paid per test rather than receiving a set salary. Typically, you could expect to get paid between £6 and £8 for a user test which might take you around 20 to 25 minutes to complete. 

That equates to around £20 per hour if you can find enough of these online user tests to carry out! 

Like most other online freelance work, many companies will pay your earnings over to you once you reach a certain minimum threshold - and they will usually pay you via a service such as PayPal. Other companies such as UserTesting.compay out a short while after each completed user test so that you aren't waiting ages for your cash. 

One thing to note, though, is that there may not be a constant supply of tests from any one particular online user testing company. Most agencies use demographic profiling to make sure that the tester they are using matches the typical user that their client is trying to reach. However, if you sign up with multiple online user testing websites then you will increase your chances of being allocated more tests - and thus more money-earning potential!


Online User Testing Skills For Your CV


Another great thing about online user testing is that you can use this sort of work to fill out a few blanks on your CV. Even if you have had no other form of work experience, then a stint at online user testing could decorate your CV with such skills and attributes such as:
  • IT literacy
  • Ability to follow instructions carefully
  • Articulating your thoughts and experiences lucidly
  • Multi-tasking

Get Started Now


  So, now that you know what online user testing involves and you know how much money can be paid for working very flexible hours, why not dive right in and get signed up with a reputable online user testing firm such as Usertesting.com or Whatusersdo.com? 

UserTesting.com pays out via PayPal just a week after you complete a task, so you won't be waiting around for ages before you can collect your cash.

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